Marketplace Vendor Sub-Domain Demo

Magento2 Marketplace Vendor Sub-Domain Demo

The Vendor Subdomain Add-on module allows the vendors to have their own subdomain. The module creates URLs for each vendor's page under vendor's subdomain. Now the vendors can have their own subdomain which can be accessed by customers directly for purchasing products.


★ The Vendors can have their own subdomain.

★ URLs for each vendor’s page under his/her own subdomain.

★ Easy to read and identify URLs for vendor’s subdomain.

★ Customers can directly access vendor’s subdomain to purchase vendor’s products.

★ The admin can enable or disable vendor subdomain feature.

★ The subdomain can be set to display only vendor’s product.

★ The subdomain can be set to display both admin and vendor’s products.

★ Supports multiple languages and translations.

★ Module source code is 100% open for customization.

Magento 2 Vendor Subdomain Module Workflow

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